What's New with Volume Five?

New Album DRIFTER now available!

Get your copy of Drifter in our Store, iTunes, Amazon and other fine retail outlets.  When available, we appreciate your product review!  We also ask that after your purchase you share the news on your favorite social media site and hashtag #Drifter, #V5, #VolumeFive or whatever your heart desires!

Thank you again,
Glen, Patton, Colby, Chris and Harry


Special Thanks To Our Fans

A sincere thank you to our fans who have been requesting us at festivals and you've been calling the radio stations and asking to hear our music from our new album #Drifter. We want you all to know how much we appreciate it and also to let you know that it works.  We are looking forward to our biggest year ever this year. We will be playing a lot of new festivals that we've never gotten to play before and we are very excited. Who knows we may just be in your backyard playing at anytime.
Drifter volume five 400w

DRIFTER the new album by Volume Five Mountain Fever Records Release Date: June 24, 2016